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Ray Dynamics is one of the leading manufacturers of LED based Aviation Obstacle Lighting products as per ICAO norms in LED lighting history RAY DYNAMICS LED products stands as a pioneer and is a part of our effort to constantly provide the Indian market with high quality products and services. Riding on this segment with esteemed customer support and geared up to spice the competition with its impulsive products. Having maintained a leading Image by leveraging high quality technology with its thorough understanding of the Indian market, Ray Dynamics is confident that  LED lighting products will fascinate the users across India with agility, comfort and affordable price. This will provide impetus to Ray Dynamics aim to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the Indian next generation lighting industry and maintain its competitiveness across all market segments.

Giving cutting edge technology a new name, will ensure smooth, rich experience to the user. The light engine has been designed to fulfill the conflicting demands of requirement and energy efficiency – the most significant aspect of the industry.

The LED products are an amazing combination of technical innovations, including breakthroughs in fascia design, electronics design and mechanical design, . The core of the innovation is a new way to generate light with LEDs. Ensuring the long life of an LED product depends on effectively controlling the operating parameters of the LEDs. Our products are designed to utilize all components to effectively even its worst-case environment which takes the performance quotient to the next level.



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