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Led Signal Tower Lamps

Ray Dynamics RTL60 series LED Tower Lamps

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  • RTL60 series with external diameter LED signal tower light of pole mounting type or base mount type and with built-in Buzzer also available.
  • Product having high brightness solid state light engine which transmit even horizontal spread light signal even from a distance due to special lens design surface
  • Easy to change,repair and maintain the kit color layer by layer  as the product is of modular type structure
  • Estimated burning life appx 1,00,000hrs
  • Rugged, housing with UV-stabilized lens material
  • Wired leads for easy terminations and mounting poled stand for fixing as accessory
  • 230VAC operated lamp available with external power box on request
  • Standard combination up to 5 colours
    • Single stage   : R-Red
    • Two stage       : R-Red, G-Green
    • Three stage   : R-Red, A-Amber, G-Green
    • Four stage      : R-Red, A-Amber, G-Green, B-Blue
    • Five stage       : R-Red,   A-Amber, G-Green, B-Blue,  W-White
  • Material : Lens-PC, Body-ABS, Pole-Aluminum
  • Volume : Max. 90dB at 30cm from source 
  • Flashes(For Flashing Type Model) : Factory set 30~60 FPM.
  • Protection Class : IP53


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