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Solar Auto Charge Controller

Smart Power (Solar auto Charge controller) Automatic Solar-Grid - Changeover & Controller Achieving Energy Independence

  • Solar surge protection at source level
  • Battery and grid SAFETY fuse
  • Battery over voltageĀ  & Low Voltage protection
  • Auto Float/continuous charge
  • Smart power saving solution
  • Single channel chargingĀ  ensures battery safety
  • Temperature compensated charging
  • Reverse polarity arrest
  • Microcontroller based intelligent algorithm for maximum efficiency and effective utilization of solar power which results in max energy saving
  • Why smart POWER?
  • For home and commercial use up to load1000VA**
  • For system already having UPS/invertors
  • For conversion to hybrid system
  • 60% solar and 40% grid utilization
  • An excellent smart way of saving power
  • Utilization of excess solar power in efficient way
  • Higher sizes on request
  • Q: Why to go for smart power instead of regular solar charge controller?
  • A: Charge controller charges the battery continuously and forms parallel charging apart from the inverter charging which may detoriate life of battery. On other hand smart power cuts off inverter EB supply, based on battery and load conditions.


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